Wednesday, September 22, 2021

#1 Best seller in Western Au

 I'm thrilled that Outback Secrets has landed as #1 best seller on Amazon au Western. Thank you, valuable readers.

I've started another novel, and loving it so I can't stay long. Need to write. Want to write. 

I do hope you enjoy the read.  Amazon Au

Here's the blurb:

According to rumours, Lily Noble’s father drove out into the wilderness nineteen years ago to die. When bones are recently discovered near his abandoned ute, her mother informs her of the details surrounding that devastating day. Now, Lily is determined to find out what happened.

Under the alias of Abby O’Brien, she leaves her job with the police force in the city and accepts a position as a personal nurse to care for Nathaniel and Matthew Kinsley’s mother.

Arriving at the cattle station, Lily thinks she has a foolproof plan until she catches the eye of the elder Kinsley brother and sparks fly.

Secrets are revealed, and the sordid past of the Nobles and Kinsleys comes to a head when Lily discovers a family she didn’t know existed.

Will this news be the glue to hold her to a place she once called home, and can she learn to trust Nathaniel and accept his marriage proposal?

 Thank you. xx :)