Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Riley Junction Official Print book release.

Today. March 4th 2020. 

Available at most online bookstores.

Emma returns to Riley Junction and her brothers inform her of the new neighbour's intention to build a timber mill right on their doorstep. This isn't the only issue they have with their elusive neighbour.

Emma sets out to confront the mysterious man. She doesn't expect a supercharged attraction to knock her in her tracks, although she has no intention of giving up on a petition to prevent the mill from ever getting off the ground.

When a child is reported missing, they have to disregard their conflict and reveal what they've been hiding. As they work closely together, the search for the child intensifies and so does their attraction.

Can Emma and Will overcome their differences and put the trauma of the past behind to allow them to have what they crave - one another?

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Return to Emira. Limited time deal. Amazon Au Kindle Monthly Deals

Amazon is promoting Return to Emira. On sale now. 

Limited time deal. Amazon Au Kindle Monthly Deals.


After the death of Amber's fiancé, Brad, she moves from the small town of Emira to Wood Creek, to her father's cattle property on the northern tablelands of New South Wales. Two years later he passes away and she inherits the property.
With two children to provide for, she injects everything she has into Wood Creek but the drought has a way of pushing a person backwards when they least expect.
Wade Saunders, a man she once loved turns up on her doorstep and her first instinct is to slap him on the face. He disappeared from her life twelve years ago and she thinks he's responsible for Brad's death. When her property is broken into and when cattle go missing, there is much more at stake than material possessions.
Wade's had his share of problems but he needs to explain what happened the night of Brad's death, and the reason why he left the area.
When the drought breaks, they are forced together which unearths a shattering truth.
Can this couple reconcile, or has enough damage been done to keep them apart forever?

Friday, February 21, 2020

Riley Junction Print Pre-order

Riley Junction Print Edition is available for pre-order at these online bookstores.

Release date 4thMarch 2020


Book Depository: 

Monday, January 27, 2020


I've been busy working on the print edition of Riley Junction so hopefully it won't be much longer until release day.

Willows Bend is steady #1 on Amazon Au Western. A best seller with a recent review of five stars.

Amazon Au:

I was expecting the usual Mills and Boon stuff but pleasantly surprised me. Half and half, I like this kind of story reminds me of Jayne Ann Krentz style but home grown. Kept me up to finish it, was glad to see I was half right when I'd finished but otherwise I'd had a few guesses a long the way. I shall look into more of this authors books.

I've also been busy working on a cover re-do for one of my past novels and with a new title. 

Plus, I've been writing my next Rural Romantic Suspense.

Oh, and there's more but I can't explain at present. It's full on. :)

Have a great day/night. 
My gratitude is in abundance. 
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