Monday, August 2, 2021

Born in the Outback Discounted.

 Amazon Au is promoting Born in the Outback at a discounted price for as little as $1.49. 

To refresh your mind. 


Something terrible happened at North Star, forcing Angelina to flee in the middle of the night with her fifteen-year-old daughter.

Seventeen years later, Sarah is called back home to learn she has a half-sister and that the property will be left to the two daughters, with conditions. Staying in the one place for too long could be dangerous, but how can she give up the chance of a lifetime?

Detective Ryan Taylor, North Star’s manager, will not change his attitude towards Sarah even though he is asked to look out for her and show her the ropes of the property. With the sudden suspicious death of her father, Ryan oversees the investigation.

As they learn more about each other, Sarah cannot deny her attraction, but how can she form a relationship when her past is stomping about demanding attention?

When she discovers the reason why her mother left, the memory of that traumatic night returns, along with the relationship she had with Ryan.

Will this new information settle her heart and bring them closer together, or will she keep running, never to return?

Enjoy. x :)