Sunday, April 4, 2021



Most of my novels have been best sellers on Amazon Au and I'd like to thank you for all your support. It means so much. 

With covid on the run and the recent flooding in the area I've kept a low profile. Mind you I've been busy writing.

Writing a new manuscript is often challenging, but when I have a basic plot and the characters in place, the story moves forward. At times I have a few subplots, and know where the story will go although sometimes when writing it begins to write itself.

I haven't got a title for my next novel and this is usually the case until nearing the end, bingo.  I'm about halfway through this next one and I do have a list of titles, yet nothing stands out at present. My motto. It will happen. :)

The News page on my website will announce any new releases, or generally anything that's happening in my writing world. 

I do hope you are keeping safe and well during our trying times.

Suzanne x :)