Sunday, January 10, 2021

Coming Soon Return to the Outback

Return to the Outback. Coming soon.  

January 20th 2021. Amazon Kindle. 


Detective Ella Hardy from Homicide in Sydney, is sent to join Senior Detective Grant Mitchell to investigate a series of murders on the edge of the outback in NSW. They set up operations at River Glen, his mother’s property, not far from the Hardy property, Avonlea.

Fourteen years earlier, an accident tore them apart and she blames Grant for the tragedy. When she meets up with him, her mind is determined to replay the past as though it were a new release.

As they work together, their love is rekindled until another incident tears them apart. With the case concluded, Ella hands in her resignation with intentions to help her parents’ out at Avonlea but wealthy grazier, Dylan Burns offers a new romance.

As Ella faces danger and disaster, it’s up to her to save herself but can she still hope for a future with Grant, or any future at all?