Thursday, April 30, 2020

Coming Soon. Glass World. Early May

GLASS WORLD, Apocalyptic/Suspense/Thriller, with a touch of romance.  Early May 2020. E format. Amazon. Print edition to follow.  

I started writing Glass World a few years ago. It's a novel I had to write. I have a few more of this genre I’d love to write in the near future.

Some of you may be wondering if I will continue to write Rural Romantic Suspense. The answer is, yes, yes, yes.  I couldn’t live without doing so. I’m addicted. Keep an eye out within the next few months.

Glass World Blurb:

Our world is fragile. One could say it is like glass. One fine crack followed by another, may leave our hearts failing us with fear.

Surviving Corvid 19, the world is now faced with another catastrophe.

Glass World is about a couple with a seven-week-old baby, who face unimaginable obstacles when their perfect existence is stripped away, along with everything they know as civilisation. 

On the run, with three companions, amidst utter chaos, they fight for survival while facing unbelievable terror.

As our world rotates, anything is possible.