Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hunter Romance Writers

Yesterday I drove to Newcastle for our monthly group meeting. Hunter Romance Writers. Instead of a meeting, we organised a workshop and had the lovely Annie Seaton as our guest speaker.

Annie delivered a Manuscript Assessing workshop, or basically the vital elements of what to do before you hit send. The workshop covered punctuation, grammar, and basic information that we tend to overlook before sending our baby into the big wild yonder. It not only refreshed my memory but I came away with a few tips.

Sarah, Sandie, Kerrie, Annie, Mary, Linda, Maree, Erin, Simone, Stacey. Ann and Amanda were missing here. I wonder what they were up to. lol.  A few members couldn't make it but we had ample notes to go around. :)
I have more photographs on my Face book page although with the light reflecting from the outside they were a bit dull and dark. lol... The professionalism  in me. :). It was a great day.