Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Easter Break and Flying

Imagine crash landing in that. Yikes. :)
Over the longweekend I went flying with my husband all in the name of research.  lol :)
My current wip involves an aircraft accident. xxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 I don't particularly like flying over mountains, whether it be in a large aircraft or a small one. I get the heebie jeebies....:)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
X is the text I had to delete realising that posting about a novel that is not published is not a good idea. Boo Hoo. But Kirsten Nelson's blog tells all. :)

What about you, do you fly much and if so large or small aircrafts?
Here are some photos of the local area I took a few months ago. I know they aren't very clear as the aircraft had a milky windscreen.
This photo is taken just off Port Macquarie. You can just see the Lighthouse.

 This one is just North from where I live. It's a lot greener now, thank heavens.

Hangars are so large. I love the sound of the metal as the wind whips around it. It's kinda eerie, especially at night. 

This one is the mouth of the Hastings River, town beach and the breakwall that runs adjacent to the river.

I have more photos somewhere but with the ever increasing amount of photographs it takes a while to find them. Next time I go up I'll try to get better quality photographs and try to avoid that milky window.

Have a nice week. I'll be in writing land as I have about five thousand words to go to finish this novel. Yah!

Suzanne :)


Mel Teshco said...

great photo's Suz,
you're a lucky girl going up in the air, though I'm with you, I'd be a little nervous!! =)
Good luck with the last 5K!

Cathryn Brunet said...

Lovely photos as usual, Suz. Flying sounds like a wonderful thing to do on a long weekend.

...wish I had only 5K to go on my novel.

Eleni Konstantine said...

Lovely photos Suz.

Yes flying close to mountains is scary. When in NZ, we did a helicopter flight over the Fox Glacier and I was in the front. They go soooo close. I think you can hear a few swear words on the video I was taking ;))

Still the scenery is magic.

Kaye Manro said...

Hi Suzanne! I love the photos. They look fine to me. I also love flying.

My hero in Forbidden Love crashes too. Only he crashes a spacecraft! He's fine because of all that futurist gear he has on his ship.

I'm sorry I missed the announcement of your release date.
June 7, I'll mark it down. My release for FL is May 20. Not too far for either of us!

Debs said...

What a beautiful place you live in. Those photos are amazing.

My father had a plane crash - and survived, I'm happy to say - but his was in the sea rather than the mountains.

Suzanne Jones said...

Beautiful photographs - as always.

ps there's a Beautiful Blogger award for you over at mine.

taryna.berry said...

Hi Suzanne
I did post but it's not there.

It's great you can go up in a plane whenever you want. I heard you're doing a landing just in case something happens to the pilot. Is that right?
Nosey me. :)
Your current wip sounds fantastic, more suspense which I love.

Tarnya. x

Christina Phillips said...

I love these photos, Suz! I've never been in a light aircraft or helicopter, but it's something I'd love to do one day!

Caroline Hartin said...

Great photo's. And have a wonderful flight! Caroline x

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Mel,
I'm not that nervous as of late. I have the utmost faith in hubby. lol... :)

Hey Cath, you will get there as you always do. Perserverence is the answer... I'm still not there. lol... I have 3.000 words to go... You know that lol, it's a chuckle.. is there an abbreviation for chuckle.

Okay Eleni, your secret is out. Video... and how come I haven't seen it... it's a must... :)

Hi Kaye,
That's okay. I know what rush is all about lately. Oh, I love spaceships as well. I read a story once by Nora Roberts, the hero crashed in a space ship near a log cabin where the heroine was staying.. It was an awesome story. I loved it. :)

Hi Debs,
I'm so sorry about your Dad. My husband said if he died the best way would be if he was flying. I do hope your dad thought the same. Dying doing something you like, I hear is the ultimate.
Oh, shed lady... I am still amazed at your writing space. It is so unreal. :)

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for the beautiful blog award. It make me smile. I hear your crit buddy is about to follow in your footsteps. Eh? lol

Hi Tarnya,
The one I'm working on has a lot more suspence than the rest. Oh, and yes, I'm contemplating doing the touch down and perhaps what they call a touch and go. I'm afraid my touchdown might have the nose of the aircraft scrapping along the tarmac. You see I'm not good at Maths... it was my worst subject. I can't manage the distance between the lowered wheels and the ground. Everyone assures me it's okay. It's the instruments I need to look at.Oh Yeah, as if. lol.. but I will attempt it soon.

Hi Chistina,

Well perhaps in the near future we will take you up for a flight. Hubby said he will take me over to see dearest little brother, whom is a giant compared to me. lol... He lives north of Perth. :) I guess it's about time I get over there.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Okay Suzanne, I meant it made me smile. A slip of the weak fingers tonight. Been typing all day. I think they are about to fall off. lol.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Your visit is appreciated muchly. :)

Suzanne :)

Sandie Hudson said...

Oh such lovely photos, now I don't have to go up for a look. LOL.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hello Sandie,

Now, don't use that for an excuse. I'll get you up in the air one day. lol... :)

Suz :)