Sunday, September 23, 2018

Hot New Releases

Hello. :)

I've been busy and busy writing. That's my excuse for not being around on the net. 

Although most of you know I've had several ups and downs in my life lately, and that did slow me down for a while but it gave me a hard shove and made me realize what is important and what is not. My family are at the top of that list, and then there is my writing which is squeezing for first place. lol

I found this on AMAZON AU moments ago and Return to Emira is selling well.  Thank you valuable readers. 

I'm endeavoring to get my next one out asap. But as I've always said, it's not quantity, it's quality.  If you're looking for something else to read, check out my web page. A direct link is above.   

Until next time, 

Thank you for your support. x