Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The first review of The Farm Sitter

My first review, thank you. It's given me a great boost to start the day. Thank you also to the many readers who have purchased The Farm Sitter. x


The Farm Sitter  


Not everything is as it seems.
Kate has no family left, and wants to be closer to her memories on a property west of NSW. I felt sorry for Kate at once, and related to her due to the loss of her sister and her grandmother.
I fell in love with the mysterious, hot Jackaroo. Even his background will have you wanting to find out more about him and doesn't he have more. The suspense deepened the further I read with quite a few twists. There was one twist toward the end which tied everything together. Talk about suspenseful. When I got to the end I wanted to keep reading. I didn't want the story to stop. This author stories are getting better with each book she writes, not that I hadn't thoroughly enjoyed her other novels. Loved it.