Friday, January 22, 2016

Update...It was a struggle until.....

The Christmas buzz and New Year holiday period lingered longer than I anticipated. With visitors and friends staying, coming and going it's been pretty hectic.

Now it's been back to writing. So...

During the last week  I have been struggling with a manuscript that I thought was going well. I was getting worried that it wouldn't work out, but after deleting a few scenes, I'm back on track.

I've really developed these characters, (well I think I have) :) It's a story about a woman and her three brothers plus the hero. I'm having fun with it now. Hopefully this manuscript will be winging it's way to the editor in a few weeks. I can't wait.

I should get back to it then. I haven't been on social media for a while also, and I've missed a lot of good news and need to catch up.

Have a lovely week and don't forget, smile. :)

And I must remember the motto above, Never, Never, Never give up. :)