Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's a New Year

Well hello 2016. I'm looking forward to this year immensely. There is much going on. I'm heading to WA for a few weeks. Not sure when but it will be in the early part of this year. I can't wait to head up to Broome and say hello to the Crocs. lol. :) I suspect there will be a visit to the high country of Victoria sometime also. We want to take a week or so out and head up north to the top end. Not sure when this will happen, and I'm attending the Romance Writers of Australia conference in August. Phew, I think we are getting the travel bug.

Currently I'm going through a novel I finished just on Christmas. I thought I'd hear back from a Traditional Publisher by now, as they said they'd get back to me before the Christmas break, but I realise how busy publishing houses can be.  I have my fingers crossed for that novel. Just love it. lol

Outback Fever is doing well considering it was in the top 20 lingering at one, three and four for six months in Australia. Many thanks to readers. :)

I have so many ideas for novels it's just a matter of finding the time to get them written, although I am well disciplined. I need to write faster. :)

I hope you all had a nice Christmas. Mine was very hectic but I loved every minute of it with family and friends. 

We tripped to Sydney for a Christmas Party on Darling Harbour. So I'll leave you with a few photos. It was an enjoyable evening. 
The view from our balcony at Darling Harbour

Our apartment was lovely

The Sydney Harbour Bridge. I'm always in awe when I travel across it. Love it.  

The Hawksberry Bridge. The air was filled with smoke from surrounding bushfires.