Sunday, July 5, 2015

Email from a Reader

I received a lovely surprise the other day in my inbox which spurred me to want to write better, (although I always try to improve my craft)  It gives a writer encouragement as well, especially to know you've touched a readers heart, that you've taken them on a journey, you've helped them to  escape from the mundane of everyday life, even if only for the duration of the novel.
I've almost wrapped up my last novel, and I'll be starting another next week. The basic plot is in place, the characters almost set to go. It will be a few days of setting up before I can escape into the fictitious world of my characters. I'm looking forward to it. :) Anyhow, here's the email. I was overwhelmed.

You really captured the atmosphere of living in the Outback with the remoteness, the passion for the bush and the danger one is exposed to, let alone the twists and turns you put us through.

I could not put your book down as I felt every emotion, the panic, the pain and the love. Well done.

I'm off to get another of your books.

Thank you. I won't put a name to the email as I do not have her permission. Although I'd love for her to undertake a review one day. :) Thanks again. It is much appreciated.