Saturday, February 7, 2015

Another Review of Outback Flames

I thank you for taking your valuable time to undertake a review of any of my novels.

Veronica's review

Feb 06, 15

I love Aussie outback stories! The people and the countryside make for great stories and Suzanne Brandyn’s Outback Flames is no exception. Her description of the harsh countryside, intense heat and raging bushfires is captivating.

It was pleasing to read a romance that wasn’t full of angst and to-ing and fro-ing. Jordan had always been in love with Zoe but knew she had lost her memory so he was determined to win her heart again. Zoe had an instant attraction to Jordan she had plenty of work to do and told herself she had no time for romance but she didn’t push him away.

I loved the typical Aussie speech, the problems and delights of country living with everyone willing to help one another. The terror of bush fires, so common in Australia, filled the story with tension and had me holding my breath.

Throw into this mix an evil aunt and a hunky prince charming and you have a modern day country style Cinderella.