Friday, May 2, 2014

Update: I'm back

I'm back from almost two weeks away, and boy didn't it go fast. The last thing I wanted to do was piles and piles of washing. I know, it's inevitable.  Urgh... hate it. lol

We stopped in at Goulburn, visited relations at Mansfield, went up to the Jamison Valley, out to Echuca, onto West Wylong where my great grandparents are buried, (on my father's side) stopped at Gilgandra, headed to Dubbo, visited the zoo and then out west further to Broken Hill. There are more places but to remember them all, I can't. lol.

I almost forgot about organising a costume for the cocktail party at the conference in August. It should be a hoot. I'm looking forward to all aspects this year. :)

Afternoon Tea on the Emmy Lou on the Murray with the added bonus of a few glasses of wine.  :) Now just to get blogger to behave and upload the photographs will be a bonus. Phew I had to upload on another computer again. Grrrr..... I had to upload again on another computer. Urgh!

I had a choice on what paddle steamer to ride on and I chose the oldest being a closer representation of the old steamers. Take a look at the dead trees on the banks of the river.
It's no secret the river is seriously ill -- a recent audit of river red gums has shocked even the experts. They are dying by the thousands.

I think it would be a great idea for the banks to be retained, and why not use the trees already fallen?

We mustn't forget the steam engine. A remarkable device and to think it was invented years ago.