Friday, May 16, 2014

A Writer's Life

I put this photograph on FB, but for those who aren't on, I thought I'd share. :)
I feel a little guilty having this office for the past few days.

Believe it or not it was 26 degrees yesterday. Such a beautiful warm autumn day. I've been making the most of not only the weather. I've deleted 8.000 words from a manuscript. Urgh. lol... They had to go. It didn't do the story any justice, and I may delete more. This manuscript had 90.000 so I can play around with 20.000 words or so.
I'm still waiting to hear back from publishers. One publisher has had one of my manuscripts since last November. Fingers crossed. I've also finished another manuscript, and gearing up for the next one. I've got the plot sorted, the character sheets done in depth, and a basic outline.

So how's my office look to you. It's been nice. I won't be too impressed when the chill of winter arrives and that is so close. Oh well. I could sit in my car out of the cool winds and write. :)
Have a great weekend, I'm sure I will. :)