Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photographs of Characters and Scenes

As well as being familiar with the area where my novels are set, gleaning photographs helps  to help describe depth to the surrounds as well as to the characters. The photograph below means so much to me as it was taken on the property. Looking at it last night I said to my husband I need to go back home. There's something about an early morning mist, standing alone in a huge paddock and listening to the sounds of nature. No cars, no trucks, no voices, as nature stirs to face yet another day. *sighs* :)

Yah. We are heading back soon. I can't wait. I have a new camera so I'll be armed with more than a rifle this time. :)

Back to using photographs. I also have photographs of my characters close by and this helps to describe their features. The current hero of my wip looks a little like Stephen Amell. :) Although his hair is darker, and his eyes are a deep blue, oh and my hero smiles a lot more. lol.  So basically when I describe a character no one knows where my idea came from unless I tell them, as readers form an image in their own mind at how they perceive what that character looks like. So darkening Stephen's hair, changing his eye colour, makes him a yummy hero that could very well be in a Rural Romantic Suspense. :) Okay back to my daily word goal. 2.000 words. Have a good one. :)


Tarnya said...

Hi Suzanne,
I just love Stephen. If your character looks like him, well sick.
There's more to writing a book than putting words on a screen isn't there.


Kez said...

What a pain to have to stare at him for inspiration :)