Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hunter Romance Writers

Yesterday I attended our first meeting of 2014 with the Hunter Romance Writers in Newcastle.  I stayed at Warners Bay, and the bay was picture perfect. I think the temperature got to 38 and 40 degrees at the meeting. lol...

At the meeting we discussed our yearly goals, wrote them down and set our minds to what we would hope 2014 will bring. We also went over a possible writing retreat as where to go etc so that is in the pipeline. Also workshops and sourcing speakers, and topics we would like to cover.

In house workshops were also on the agenda, dates, topics etc. So besides this there was much more going on. We went over a members cover letter, discussed any problems members had with their wips and basically chatted. Yes, there was a lot of that going on. lol

Have you ever watched bees around their nest? That was us, a room full of chatty writers absorbed in sharing, discussing, and getting down to the nitty gritty of agendas. Fun. :)

I didn't take a photo of our group which is unusual, but you can find members names and put a face to their names on the Hunter Romance Writers Blog.

What do you  think of our logo? Fill the pages with the breathings of your heart. I quite like it. :)

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