Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Reading

Besides reading Cold Fear and Outback Fear, :) I thought you'd be interested in a novella I have recently read. The Kissing Season by Rachael Johns.

The Kissing Season is a sweet rural romance, and worthy of the read if you love a simple tale that will leave you feeling good.

I loved the buying of the bed scene in the beginning of the book. It made me laugh, and I was hooked. This was instant love for the hero, Matt. Talk about cheeky. I loved how she portrayed his character. lol. Matt and Hannah, they were meant to be together. It was a great read. Check out the cover below.

Rachael also is running a contest on her WEB PAGE that ends on the 21st of December. So get in now while you still have time. Here's the blurb, and mention of Rachael's other books. I could say Mandrought has been my favourite, but I have enjoyed all of her novels.

From the author of Man Drought and Jilted comes a funny and romantic Christmas story set in rural Australia.
Every family has a black sheep…and Hannah Elliot is it.
It’s no surprise to anyone when Hannah Elliot makes the spontaneous decision to marry a stranger in Las Vegas. But when she finds herself pregnant and her new husband files for an annulment, she dreads having to tell her family.
Returning to her Australian hometown of Wildwood Point, Hannah is determined to become a devoted mum and put her baby’s needs ahead of her own. She’s also set to prove to her family she can actually be responsible. This means putting her wild past behind her and accepting a job back in the family business…while keeping her pregnancy a secret!
Except, when gorgeous Italian Matteo Della-Bosca walks through the shop door, Hannah finds her resolve slipping fast…

You can read chapter one here: CHAPTER ONE

You can find it here on AMAZON;


Tarnya said...

I have this on my reader. Can't wait to read it now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Suzanne. As you know I like to read stories set in Australia, and I can't wait for your Rural Romantic Suspense. I guess I will have a bit of waiting. I've read Heat in the Outback and loved it, plus Cold Fear and Outback Fear. All really nicely written and heart stopping books.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Tarnya

I thought it a well written story although man drought would have to be my favourite.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Shirley
I'm praying that a publisher will pick them up and more to follow. In the mean time check out Romance writers of Australia blog spot. They announce new releases, I think once a month. There are some really good authors. Oh the link is to your right. :)