Monday, November 18, 2013


Hi Everyone,
Cold Fear is up and available now for download at Amazon The problem was with the larger text Chapter headings, and I didn't want readers paying for something that wasn't up to scratch. (although once it was re-uploaded they could download again) but that's not the point. I'm a perfectionist I think. lol.. A bit of a worry wart, and need, want things to be the best I can deliver/do. :)

On the home front, we are selling our house, and I think I've found a block of land, although settlement wont' be until Aug/September next year it's the perfect block for us to build again. I'm excited, yet we have to have another look at it, etc.

Give me a home among the gumtrees....da da da... lol...

Anyhow, lots to think about.

As for writing, I've sent off two manuscripts to different publishers. I love those ones, romantic suspense set in the outback. I call them rural romantic suspense novels.

My current Na No is going well. It's another Rural romantic suspense. I'm loving it and having fun with my characters. He's a hunk, that's for sure. lol.

On another subject matter it's the change over for Australians on Amazon. I have left my buy page etc at, not au.  Although my books are on Au, my main buyers are from the US market. Thank you. :)

That about wraps it up for me today. Storms are hanging about here, and we have been advised of some activity in the sky this afternoon. Yikes.

I'll leave you with my motto, although it does seem hard at times, I don't intend to. :) Have a good one.


Tarnya said...

I loved Cold Fear Suzanne. You have a great talent. I did a review for Cold Fear on Goodreads. Yes, I know I have to scrounge around for a photograph.


Tarnya said...

I put this in the worong place. Sorry. Good to hear you doing so well.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

All authors love feedback on their work, Thank you Tarnya. :)