Saturday, November 23, 2013

National Novel Writing Month

Well for my Na No count it's 52 thousand and something. It's on your right on the counter. I'll keep going, as my personal goal is 80.000 plus and I would like to finish it before Christmas. Hopefully I will.

I grabbed every chance I had, and have so many notes, and scribbles on my note pads. lol. I've got a scene where it didn't work too well, so I'll go back after the 80.000 words and re work it, when I do the second draft. 

This is a rural romantic suspense. I have loved every minute writing this story.
A mystery remains hidden for generations. It worked well most of the way except as I said, that one scene. lol. I can see where to fix it. I think.

Well besides the NaNo, lot's have been happening in my world. You can catch up with everything on Facebook where it seems information overload is buzzing in the atmosphere. It's great.

On another note, Cold Fear is doing well on Amazon, and reviews are starting to trickle in there and on Good reads.

I must go it's almost 4am here in Oz. See what NaNo did to me. lol.. No sleep. So off to get that sleep I have missed out on during the month of November.

Take care and don't forget to smile. :) You know it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Have a good one. :)

Oh I'm over at Sandra Harris's blog today if you'd like to pop on over and say Hi. Thank you. :)

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