Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another Five Star review for Outback Fear on Amazon

Good news as I'm heading towards Sydney for major surgery this afternoon. It has taken care of my nerves if only for a short time. :)  I'll be in hospital for 3-5 days, with a few months to get over it all. Urgh!  Looking forward to being healthy again. :). 

I'm so thirsty. Lol lol 


Can you ever really leave the past behind? That's what Savannah Harris is trying to do when she flees Sydney in the middle of the night with her 3 month old daughter, Amy, after one too many beatings. Her soon to be ex, Mark has threatened to kill her and take the baby and she knows he means it. She flees 9 hrs away to some property she has inherited in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, strange things start happening. Has Mark found her or are there other things going on? Will Savannah ever find the peace she so longs for?

This book is thriller at it's finest. As the cover says, "It could happen to you". It really could. I started this and barely put it down. And yes, it did scare me. It's every nightmare come true. Do not miss out on this. If you like thrillers that are really capable of happening, this book is a must. Will definitely watch for more from this author. 

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