Monday, May 6, 2013

Tags for Writers

Suspense in Remote Places. Stories as diverse and unique as the land I live in.

A few people have asked me recently, 'Are you continuing on with your Outback Series?' After some thought, I am not using the title Outback. I have two more completed novels set on the edge of the Outback, and one I'm starting in June, which also is set on the edge of the outback. So while Outback won't be in the title, you can be sure that they are set in remote places, meaning on the edge of the outback and rural Australia, as my tag suggests. 

Do you have a tag, and if so, does it reflect your writing?

Here are some photographs of remote places. After all, remote means, Outback, distant, backwoods.

The Australian outback refers to the land between the Great Dividing Range in the east to the western coast. The theoretical range covers several hundreds of kilometres east of the coast of Western Australia and continues in a sort of jerky horizontal line, excluding much the fertile and green country side of Victoria. It continues north to the tropics, and includes the Gulf of Carpentaria but not the top end of NT.

The centre of our continent is barely habitable. Meaning scattered human life.  A lot of the area is desert and semi arid land, with the northern third where monsoonal rains cause flooding, is still regarded as the outback.
The outback is defined by remoteness rather than rainfall. Characterised by very large cattle or sheep properties usually called stations. The crop regions of New South Wales although still remote from our cites are not regarded as the outback until one travels beyond the main agricultural areas. Aboriginal reserves are scattered throughout the outback, and a wide range of wild life. Emus, kangaroos, snakes, wedge tailed eagles, pademelons, (wallabies) and much more.



Tarnya said...

Sure looks too Outback for me. I'd miss the shops. lol But I love reading your outback stories. You've got me hooked. Can't wait.


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Thank you. I can't wait either. lol. Although there's work to do before now and then. :)