Monday, December 3, 2012

For The Love Of Summer

I've been going on about summer on twitter and my blog and everywhere I go, online and offline. I've been saying how great it is, how I love the heat, sand, surf, barbeque's, candle lit dinners outdoors, and sunsets that are so breathtaking lately they are pure magic.
I love wearing less clothes, the summer styles, and bikinis. The feel of sea water surrounding me, the snorkeling, (I no longer dive much lately) I love the smell of wax on a surfboard, the frangipannis, and honey suckle. The scent of the ocean as it drifts through my windows and the sound of the waves at night as they
pound on the shore.


There is nothing nicer than eating outdoors. I love the end of summers days when it's time to relax. :) I also love it when the days are so still and quiet so I use the back veranda as my writing room. It's peaceful and inspiring.

What do you like about summer? or What is your favourite season?  And don't you hate it when blogger won't allow you the same setting as you see in your draft before uploading. Enough time trying to get it right. Urgh..... sorry.

Okay, back to writing.
Keep well and don't forget smile. :)                                      


Anonymous said...

I love summer salads, but I don't like it too hot. Today was 30 and that's warm enough for me.

Nice photos. Very tropical.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Suzanne! I'm afraid I'm not a fan of summer - too hot for me. It's going to be 39 here today. I doubt I'll step outside. At least the a/c will keep it comfortable. I love autumn and the cooler months.

And yes, my Wordpress site does the same darn thing. :)