Thursday, June 28, 2012

Four Points Author Network

There's something inspiring about meeting up with like minds. I always leave refreshed, and rearing to write.

It was a great to catch up yesterday, and the rain managed to stay away until half way back home where it pelted down. It was relatively a good trip though. The food was great, and we chattered nonstop and had a few laughs. We also discussed writing believe it or not. Lol.
Attending yesterday was Fiona McArthur, author for Harlequin Medical. Check out her webpage, there's a lovely photograph of her. Jenn J McLeod, upcoming author for Simon and Schuster Australia, where there is some lovely photographs of country scenes, and Annie Seaton, editor for Lyrical Press and Author of Romance. Also Elle Finlay and myself.
A few members were missed as well. Dianne Curran, Kerri Williams, and Karly Lane.

Although we are at different levels of their writing, we understand what each of us is going through, and what it takes to complete that novel. Here we are below, although this photo was not taken yesterday as someone forgot to take a photo didn't they? lol. This was taken at one of our meetings.


Tarnya said...

What else do you do? You are an achiever Suzanne.

Tarnya. x

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great group to be a part of, so much experience and knowledge.