Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eyes of a Stranger flying off kindle

Apparently Eyes of A Stranger is flying into computers everywhere, and people are flipping the print edition just as quickly. I'm so happy. It's unreal. I want to thank my readers everywhere in the world. It means so much to me. :)

In case you haven't seen or heard of 'Eyes of A Stranger' here's a sneak peak. Available from most online book stores in print and e-format. Thank you. Have a lovely day. :)

 An excerpt from the book
Tegan Ryan knew there would be trouble the moment her father sold half of the business.
“Ms. Ryan. Do you make a habit of being late?”
There was no delay in recognizing the deep, velvety voice. Her dark lashes blinked with disbelief as her gaze zeroed in on the new partner sitting opposite at the boardroom table. Six other staff members took up nearby seats.
Talk about receiving a good hard whack to her senses.
The stranger she’d spoken to earlier that day was-the new boss. She shared his umbrella due to a sudden, tropical downpour.
Embarrassment floored her.
She told the stranger that the new boss was probably a grumpy old fart, a man impossible to work for, and so up himself that everyone’s life would be sheer misery the day he made a show. Her stomach shriveled with that thought making her feel as small as an ant and probably minuter if she could remember what else she’d babbled on about. At that moment, dissolving through the plush carpeted floor would make her feel a damn whole lot better.
Repeating rumors wasn’t her character, and she couldn’t believe she’d actually participated in office gossip. Her body wavered, and filled with warm fluid. Subconsciously her grip over her notebook and loose papers relaxed, and they dropped to the floor. Drawing in a quiet breath, she bent to pick up the paperwork.
“Is everything all right Ms. Ryan?”
Demanding her weak legs to straighten, she flicked her gaze toward Mathew. “Yes, sorry I’m late...the traffic. I was with a client. And the rain, it’s raining.” Oh hell, what a statement. It’s raining! He’s going to think you’re a real genius now, but I guess it’s better than saying, ‘I’ve brought a watermelon.’

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Tarnya said...

I know I love it so much. It was a great ending Suzanne.

Tarnya. x