Wednesday, October 12, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted something about writing, and where I'm up to. Well as you know two of my novels have been contracted by Eternal Press. Stories which are full of suspense. I'm a tad bit proud of these two, and can't wait until they are out there for you to read. :) :)

The writing industry is tough isn't it. Late last year I had a phone call and spoke for an hour on the phone to an editor from one of the top publishing houses in Australia. She loved my romantic thriller, as some of you know, but marketing didn't know where to place it. Romance or Thriller?????

It does make me feel a little better about the direction my writing has been heading, Suspense/Thriller with romantic elements. Some may say why didn't I change it. Well, to take the romance out it would have destroyed the story, to take the suspense thriller out, well that was a heck of a lot of the story. By doing this there would be no story. I could have rewritten it but it would have been completely different and I believe in that story. Hence, it is out there looking for a home.

As for my current project, rewriting a Suspense Thriller, which I find hard work. Meaning, by changing a heck of a lot of subplots. None the less I was told also this story was crammed with too much, too many twists and turns and I was making it hard for myself. I completely understood what she meant. So at least it has direction now.

Hopefully this too will find a home sometime next year. I'm not rushing it, that is the worst thing one can do when writing. It has to flow and happen naturally. Okay off to it. Great day this morning. I enjoy being outdoors. :)

Enjoy your life. :) Oh, and be good. :) lol


Tarnya said...

Hi Suzanne
I think if a person believes in their story, and they have a feeling about it I wouldn't change it either. So glad about your new releases. I'm up there waiting for the trailers. lol

Anonymous said...

They say a writer gets better with their writing with each book they write. I loved your last one. I feel these next ones will be even better. I'd love to read one of your romantic thrillers.
I read somewhere that Leonardo da Vinci's first paintings are unrecognisable as he had to learn the craft. I wonder if that is the same with writers.


Tami said...

Do I really have to be good?

Congrats on the contracts and sorry that the other one wasn't picked up. I know you were waiting on that to come through for you. I think you are going to get there there. You're too good not to.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Tami,

Thank you for your lovely words. You are such a sweetie.

Maria Zannini said...

You'll find a home for that book. I have no doubt of that.

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

It's funny isn't it that almost all the thriller I read have some sort of romantic and relationship building element and yet they are known as a thriller. I think the Australian market and publishers are still struggling with this where as the US seem to be making it work.
Good luck with it and believing in your work is the key.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Maria,
Thank you. I do hope so. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

It might be time to concentrate on my rewrite and my next one which I have plotted out. :)

I also agree Kerri. Australia is struggling with the romantic element within a thriller.