Thursday, May 19, 2011

50k in 30days (Write in June)

Well to be honest, I didn't do any words today. Boo Hoo... but I did judge entries in The Valeri Parv Award. I finished this afternoon, and all sent. So now, I'm concentrating on my wip. I've signed up for the 50k's in 30days, Write in June. something I do most years.

I went over the subplots etc late this afternoon, and I can see something as strong as Saving Savannah coming out. It's evolving nicely now, after a few panic attacks, thinking I can't write, I can't write. lol... I think all writers get that type of attack. :)

I have a face to face meeting on Sat with the NewMait group, and a few other things happening in June, but I'll give it my best to complete more than 50 thousand words. It's fun, and I love the other writers...we cheer each other on, and have a great time writing.

What about you? Do you do the 50k in 30 days (write in June) or NanoWriMo?

 I'm really waiting for the challenge... I love challenges. They get me motivated, spur me on, and wella... another finished manuscript... yah! Until then.... I'll put up the usual counter, but you can track my progress on the above link.

Just as well we are spoilt and not doing it by hand like the little guy to our left. It'd take me more than a month, believe me.

Suzanne :)


Kez said...

How do I sign up for 50K in 30 days? I've always wanted to do Nano but Novemeber is just such a crazy time for me.

Are you coming to the NewMaits meeting tomorrow?! We'll finally get to meet f2f!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Yes, Kez... all systems full steam hopefully. lol

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

I decided to do it again this year but I never quite make the 50. I think too much and want it right instead of just write, write, writing which is what it is for.
Crossing fingers for this one though and I did get Taking Back His Widow published from it.

Kerri Williams

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Great that you are undertaking it again Kez. I love doing it. It's always that challenge and I'm not about to lose even if I have to write late at night till 2 in the morning...I'll get it Positive thinking at work here. lol...:)

Kerri Williams writer of romance said...

2 in the morning?????? I'm taking a quote from Anita when I say I am Time Poor! I 'squeeze' a lot out of day between kids, work, house, pets, writing, sleep etc etc etc.
2am is just not in me unless I dont have to go to work in the morning. lol

But awesome for you- GO GIRL!
Kerri Williams