Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Advantages of Reading

Reading reduces stress. It allows us to escape from our everyday routine. It allows us to take time out to enjoy, disconnecting from our surrounds and divulging into something we like, something that will uplift us. It also helps us to relax. It takes our mind away from our problems and therefore I think it makes us see things in a much better light.

We read also for entertainment. It stimulates the right side of our brain. It opens our imagination and takes us into the world of the hero and heroine. We are in their story barracking for them. Thus, this is an escapement for many people. I enjoy this. Sometimes the characters seem like real people, and I’m truly sad to say goodbye at the end of a story.

Reading increases our vocabulary and spelling. Well my spelling is getting a little better. Lol. Reading is mental stimulation. So don’t feel guilty for vegging out for a while absorbed in a good book. It does more good than harm, even if your better half can't see it. Reading also increases our writing skills.  I like that one. :)

And just a little trivia. People who read have higher intelligence and general knowledge than people who do not read. You know I could never imagine never reading a book. I’d die. 

I know a few people who have never read a book of any kind. I feel sorry for them. They don’t know what they are missing. Whether it be romance, thriller, paranormal, historical, any type of reading is good for you.

Stories have a way of uplifting a person, taking us on a journey and we begin to question what would we do if we were in the character's shoes. Sometimes stories save people’s lives. (A certain person told me this one) if a person is depressed and reads an uplifting story, it can zap their mind and leave them thinking in a different light. How good is that?

Reading changes our moods. Have you read a book and cried? I have. Have you read a book and was scared out of your wits? I have…Sometimes we keep thinking about the characters in a particular novel for hours after we've  finished the book…. It changes our thought pattern. 

To sum all this up:  Reading clears the cobwebs from our brain. lol  What do you think?

Give me a good book any day. :


Tarnya said...

I started reading at a young age, and since then have devoured books by the hundreds. I, like you, can't imagine being without a good novel to read. Great Post Suzanne.

Tarnya. x

Anonymous said...

Give me a good book anyday too Suzanne. Thanks for the great post.


Angelina Rain said...

Great post. I know a person who doesn’t read, ever! My husband. He finds it strange how I could read a book for hours on end. I find it strange how he could sit in front of the TV the whole time.

Tana Adams said...

My grandmother (when she was alive) had never read a book. She had little to no education so this wasn't surprising. One month before she passed away I read her the story of Snow White. She was from a different culture and had never heard of that fairy tale. I will never forget the look of wonder on her face as I read. And she couldn't believe how evil that old woman could be. :) It's a fond memory for me.

Anonymous said...

I love reading and have done since so small. It is also supposed to enhance the imagination. Let's hope.

Jane. x

Suzanne Brandyn said...

It is such a common trait, isn't it, reading.

Tana, that is a beautiful story. :)
Thank you for sharing.