Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deadline: So You Think You Can Write

Don't forget those who are entering the Harlequin, So You Think You Can Write, deadline is on 

December 15, 2010 at 6pm EST

Also if you missed the chats, the questions and lots more they are on the site. Click on the pic or the link in the title line and it'll get you started.

All you need is the first chapter, no more than 20 pages, and a synopsis of 5-7 pages of a manuscript suited to any of the Harlequin genres.

Good Luck to those who are entering. And the winners will be announced on January 31st. Now that's what I call a quick turn around. All the best,

Suzanne :)


Tami said...

Please tell me you are going to do this. I want to make sure I can have a Harlequin book with your sig on it! :)


Suzanne Jones said...

Good luck, everyone.


Anonymous said...

It's a great comp. And yes, good luck everyone.


Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Tami,
Thanks for stopping in. At this time, I'm not too sure. It closes soon. lol.. And rushing something isn't advised. :)
btw, have I ever said how much I love the name Tami. I think it's such a beautiful name. :)

Hi suzanne,
Long time no see. Or so it seems. Thank you for calling in.

Hi Shirley.
Good to see someone else having a go at commenting. The traffic is heavy, but no one is seeing the red light. lol... :)