Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trailer, or the lack of one.

Usually a professional will have someone on hand to undertake their position if something goes wrong, emergencies etc. Usually an individual will let someone know if anything happens to them to take care of such and such. Usually a business will have some form of notification stating they have closed down, they have had a death in the family, something to let their customers have a fair and reasonable time to be informed of any unexpected circumstances.
I thought I'd take a little time out and let you know about my trailer, well my lack of a trailer.
I organized a trailer early January, well as soon as I heard I had the contract with Eternal Press for my novel Heat in the Outback.

I sent all the required information the synopsis, sunset pictures, outback pictures, blurb, and excerpts for the trailer to be created. At one stage I sent an email saying hold off as I thought perhaps I had time to do it myself. But the following day I realized that my time is taken by my writing and I said to go ahead. From January to April I emailed and after no replies, I emailed once more, well it wasn't once more it was like three times more and more. I was told that the music was a problem but not to stress my book trailer will be ready by April 1st. April 1st came around and I emailed. No reply. I emailed once again still no reply.

They still haven't contacted me. At one stage I was told that their web address, being book trailers is not current and that the emails I sent to them they didn't receive. But on the other hand I still sent numerous emails to the trailer email address.

Thus I have since asked them to trash my information and pictures etc. Let's hope they do. I am quite taken back that a company such as this can do this to a prospective client.

Please be careful anyone if your seeking someone to represent you to make a book trailer. I am disheartened that this has happened. I won't be trusting too many on the net much longer. It has saddened me to think there is no email from them as yet and saddened me to think some people do this deliberately.

I know I said earlier I'd have a trailer early April, I'm sorry to let you down. Perhaps I should have taken the time to make it myself. But alas, time is very very stretched at present.

I gave this lady ample to time to respond, and the few responses I did receive were positive only to turn to negative.

21st March The last email I had from them.
Hi, Suzanne.
I have narrowed the music down to two. I'm getting more frames put together and then I'm going to run each bit of music throughout what I have done so far to see how each works with it.
Do you by chance have any particular wording you'd like used at all? If so, let me know. That's the hard part most of the time, is getting it all to flow smoothly with wording and graphics. So if you want something specific, let me know.

14th March.
Hi, Suzanne.
It's only been about a week since we last spoke, I was still looking for music for the trailer. I've found a few that I'm thinking will work. It's a slow process when you have to listen to so many different clips!
Everything will be ready well before your release in a couple of months. What it was supposed to be ready April lst. I had a slight computer issue but I think that's been worked out. So it's work as usual. I'll send you something as soon as I can.

I have heaps more as I've kept everyone of them but don't want to bore you with my dramas. :) I feel better now that I have aired it for everyone to see and for those who are seeking trailers etc to tread carefully.

I have a trailer being made by another company and it will be here a few weeks before my release. Okay, off to walk in that sunshine, swim and then write. Have a nice day everyone. :)

Suzanne :)


Kaye Manro said...

Wow, Suzanne-- that's just terrible. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. But it does remind us to be careful out there. I've heard other horror stories as well. Good luck and I hope the new trailer company work out fine for you,

taryna.berry said...

So sorry to hear that. But let's hope this next company will have an even better one than you were going to get.
You didn't mention the name. I'll email you to find out. I am thinking of getting one done when I get my first contract. :)

Tarnya. x