Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Moral of Never Giving Up. :)

This was sent to me recently, and I found it so true. I thought I'd share. Also I have just finished my first assignments for Margies course. Phew! 

A man dug an opal shaft. He spent fourteen years chasing the elusive black opal. He got some opals but not his prize. One day he decided he had enough and sold his claim.

The new owner, got into it straight away. Down the shaft/tunnels and commenced digging. He dug 30cm into a wall and noticed some good colour/shine. So he dug some more and there it was, a two and a half million dollar black opal.

The moral of this true story is never give up. Your treasure is only moments away.

So how cool is that. I loved it. Never give up! I must remind myself sometimes. lol :)

Food for thought. Did you know that a black opal isn't just a black one. It is any opal with a darker tinge to it. We learn something everyday. :)

Suzanne :)


Mel Teshco said...

My dad has a few opal mines, fingers crossed LOL!!!

Lia Bal said...

Yep, never give up, I tell myself that every day.

I've seen some black opals in jewelry stores, they are vary beautiful, but I prefer the look of white opals.

Suzanne Jones said...

Very wise advice.

Christina Phillips said...

So very true!