Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Caught Off Guard

Gee, caught off guard. Kreative Blog Award. Many thanks to the lovely Mel Teshco...

Seven interesting/fun things about me. Geeish, now that's going to be pretty hard.

  1. I have scuba dived off and around almost all the islands around the Whitsundays, and far north Queensland.
  2. I walk a lot to keep the heart and other organs healthy. 
  3. I got married in Hawaii, in 2008 in Honololu,  south of Waikiki Beach.
  4. I'm going to write for the rest of my life. So I have a considerable way to go as yet. :)
  5. I cook most nights of the week. Home cooked meals are the best and so much better for us.
  6. I was born in the country, raised in cities, and now live in a lovely seaside town right beside the Pacific Ocean.
  7. I want a big, big dog, but hubby said he won't clean up the poos. Ho Hum... Well I certainly am not! lol

Gee, I know it's not too intereting, but whats a girl gotta do to answer these type of questions.

But that's not all,

Helene Young has an interview on her blog, and the question came up about Jams. What is the most unusal Jam you have tried. I came up with the most unusual Jams, Door Jam and Toe Jam. I so so want to read her upcoming release, Border Watch. :) She is celebrating her first Hachette author interview and is giving away a copy of ‘Border Watch’.
Check out her blog, and perhaps you too can win a copy. :) http://www.heleneyoung.com/category/blog/

But that's still not all, :) After being out for the day and celebrating our most favourable day, Australia Day, I'm bushed.

Happy Australia Day
Suzanne :) :)


Sally Clements said...

Have a happy Australia Day, Suzanne! Wish I were there, instead of freezing here(!). Great facts, you're right about the dog BTW, if hubby won't help/do poos, don't go there! (Have 2 dogs, and large amount of poo - dog poo!)

Suzanne Jones said...

Great facts, Suzanne - congratulations on the award.

Happy Autrailia Day.


Helene Young said...

Happy Australia day to you! Hope you spent the day celebrating in style.

You need to convince your hubby that the big dog you're going to love will dutifully hop into a garden bed before leaving any deposits. Works for us - our demented Staffie gets most embarrassed if there're no bushes to hide behind...

And I'm with you on the flying! It's magic.

Mel Teshco said...

love your seven facts about yourself Suzannah! I found it really interesting!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know some call you Suzannah! I must remember that now. It suits you. Interesting that you buzz into the sky. It must be fun. As for the big dog fact, I have a German Sheppard. He is so well behaved.

Nat. x

Eleni Konstantine said...

Loved the list Suz. LOL re not cleaning up after a big, big dog. Though I wouldn't have traded having had big dogs as pets. Oh they have these huge poop scoopers now ;))

Oh and how cool is it that you can get to fly with your hubby.

Lia Bal said...

Hey there, love the seven facts. I wish I could go flying with my hubby, you're lucky!

As for the big dog, get it, it's not such a big deal to clean after them. Just wait for your husband to fall in love with the dog and then he will be cleaning up after it (that's how my husband does it, lol).

Christina Phillips said...

LOL on the dog poo! We have a very small dog but she still poos a lot. And we get our son to clean it up!!!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

lol Thank you for stopping by it is appreciated. I have enjoyed your comments on the dog poo situation. lol.. Perhaps I should stick to my baby budgie. :)