Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Copyright Infringement

Forgotten Memories E-book format is out of contract and still available on the internet at various e-book sites.

It is against the law to sell or purchase this e-book  as I have not given my permission since the contract expired on the 5th day of March 2017.

Amazon have been very helpful as always and have taken the e-book from their listings and I am hoping other sites will follow suite. I do not receive any royalties for this works.

I have continually emailed the new owner Alan Leddon of Caliburn Press/Eternal Press/Damnation books to have a reversion of rights and the e-book taken down, but have had no response.

Therefore I am taking matters into my own hands, as I did my last expired contracted novel Heat in the Outback with the same publisher. I expect this will be ongoing for the print book as well, and the next contract with them expires, which is Eyes of a Stranger in May 2017.

I will not be republishing these books as I do not think they are up to publishing standard and in their current state have not been edited properly.

Monday, March 13, 2017

#1 Western Romance

I woke up this morning to some good news.                                   
Raven Falls is #1 in Western Romance
#10 in Romantic Suspense on Amazon Au.
Thank you valuable readers. It's made my morning. :)


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Newer Version of Raven Falls

Professional Editing. It appears not.

I have recently re-uploaded Raven Falls minus the missing words and some grammar mistakes that had been overlooked by editors and myself while doing the final draft.

My sincere apologises to everyone who has recently uploaded the previous version. I do think you can re-upload from Amazon if necessary.

The newer version should be live by tomorrow.
Thank you.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Readers are invaluable.

Thank you to all readers who have purchased my novels.

I have five novels at present in the top 100 on Amazon Au, in the Western section many thanks to you.

As always all author's would appreciate your time to undertake a review of any one of our novels. We know time is precious, and we are very indebted for your opinion.

I'm currently working on another manuscript, and it's edging on 60.000 words with a little way to go as yet. I'm enjoying this one as I have all the others.

I've had a family crisis lately, and at present it is ongoing as we don't know the outcome. So if I am not around on FB or Twitter, here or Goodreads you will know why, although I'm writing or trying to write, sometimes life needs to resume first place.

And I've been thinking about the best way to thank a reader besides delivering the best novel I can, and that is to run a competition to win an Amazon Gift Card. So keep an eye out over the coming months. 
Have a great day x :)