Friday, October 21, 2016


I arrived home after almost two weeks away, and I can say it was a whirlwind of a break. With only a few days in Broome we had to head to Melbourne for a family emergency. (there are a few photographs of Broome on my FB page if you are interested) 

I am back into my writing after having withdrawals. lol I had to read through the last three chapters I had written and it sent me leaping forward with a great word count for the day. Yay. :) I hope to complete this manuscript in the National Novel Writing Month of November.

I have received several emails enquiring when my next book will be released. I'm sorry. I can't say at present. I will be working hard to get another out as soon as possible. I would have published another one by now, but I decided to take a chance with a publisher in Oz, so these things take time. Please drop in from time to time and rest assured I'll announce any news here and on my FB page. 

The Farm Sitter remains in the top 20 in the western section and I'd like to thank you for your continuing support. So keep well and read lots.  :) x

Saturday, September 24, 2016


I pitched a manuscript at our recent RWA conference and I hope to hear back by November. I do hope they like my work. It's set in Rural Australia, with a mystery and suspense thread that is somewhat different to what I usually write. With Traditional Publishers it's whether the work is publishable, is it marketable? Will it appeal to a wide audience, will it sell the first print run, and will readers love it? There is a lot to consider. So fingers crossed on that one. :)

 In the meantime I've been working on my current manuscript and enjoying it immensely. I love the way the story is unfolding. My target is 80.000 words. It's amazing what a writer can do with their characters, story plot and subplots. I think you'll like this one as well. 

I also wanted to share with you what I received from one of our lovely members at our last meeting with the Hunter Romance Writers. My author at work coaster. Mary has painted the logo and lined the back with felt. Quite appropriate, don't you think? Thank you Mary. It's lovely and in use at present. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I'm back from the RWA Conference and now I've set myself some serious deadlines. So, I'll be AWOL for a time, engaged in the world of romance, suspense and mystery. 

I have posted photographs up on my FB Author page if anyone is interested. I also explain what I'll be up to. The link is on the FB icon to your right. 

BTW, I had a great time at the conference. Draining, exhausting but seriously great. :)

Don't forget to come back from time to time. I won't abandon you any longer than necessary. Keep well. :)

                                           I have to make every moment count. Here's to it. :) lol

Friday, August 5, 2016


I'm organised for the upcoming Conference. Yay! :) 

If you haven't seen my post on FB about my costume for the Romance Writers of Australia Harlequin Conference Cocktail Party and Costume Party on the Friday night, here it is. lol

My flights are booked, with mobile check in on my phone which I find amazing and hopefully hassle free. The accommodation is booked, my clothes organised, well I think the last one is almost organised, unless I have forgotten something. 

It's less than two weeks away until my flight. I'm looking forward to this years conference and I do hope the weather in Adelaide will behave. 

Now where was I with my writing. :)