Thursday, February 16, 2017

Typo's Urk! / Seeking Reviewers

 When a person strives to deliver their best, and it takes a seriously long time to perfect a manuscript and send it to a professional editor, and then find two glaring mistakes within the first three chapters it's quite down heartening.

I did today as I read through Raven Falls. (I can't help myself) lol

They are corrected now and will be delivered to readers as soon as Amazon reviews the updates.

I do apologise, and although I know some of the top authors have mistakes, I strive to do my utmost in having as few as possible.

I'm looking for reviewers to read Raven Falls. I'll send a free copy of mobi or pdf format in exchange for a review to be placed on Amazon and Goodreads, if possible.

Anyhow, Raven Falls is kicking off to a great start. Thank you.

Now back to working on my next one which is almost completed before it's off to an editor.

Have a lovely day and enjoy whatever it is you are reading.

Suzanne :)