Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Behind the scenes of The Farm Sitter

I wanted to share with you some pictures I used for inspiration while writing 'The Farm Sitter.'

The main house of Farview. This house really triggers my imagination. I used it once before in a novel. lol.... I'm drawn to it. 

Iron bark is the name of the small town one hours drive from Farview. 

This is the area where the truck was hidden on Farview soil. 

One of the many dams on the property of Farview.

One of the drier paddocks on Farview soil. 

Steven Amell was the inspiration behind Ryan Cross, especially his first appearance in the story.  Note the grey beanie. Ryan wore a grey beanie but his hair was longish in the beginning.

The male on the cover of The Farm Sitter wearing a black Akubra is very similar to what I envisaged Ryan Cross looking like in a scene where it mentions a black Akubra, although in the story Ryan has more than a three day growth, and his eyes are blue not brown.

Katie Cassidy was the inspiration for Kathryn Jeffries, without the make up perhaps.

Nicholas Barrington at the end of the story. Once again these pictures were used as inspiration, having some similarities. 


The way Steven Amell is walking here is how I envisaged Nicholas. 
When I finished putting this together it made me realise that the hero and heroine in my story have some similarities but not all. They've picked up their own traits and appearance as individuals.  

It's amazing what the mind can envisage isn't it?