Saturday, October 3, 2015


I've been locked in writing mode, and an author friend drew my attention to this review on Goodreads. 

As the motto says, 'The best way to thank an author is to write a review.' Very true. So I'd like to thank the reviewer for taking their valuable time to undertake this review.   

5 Stars

Outback Fever is a fast paced Romantic Suspense with real suspense and plenty of action and danger.

Cassie is a strong female protagonist. She is not afraid to fight for what is hers and does not back down to threats. There is an underlying romance theme but the angst is not overdone and although written from Cassie’s POV the reader gets a couple of glimpses of Jake’s thoughts.
A story full of mystery and a few twists all wrapped up in a beautiful outback setting with characters you will find hard to let go of.
If you like to read stories with real suspense, this is for you.
If you like to read stories with a strong female lead, this is for you.
If you like to read stories with a beautiful, outback Australian setting, this is for you.
It’s the complete package!