Friday, June 26, 2015

On Writing

I've almost finished going over a wip. It's a Rural Romance and as always the dreaded doubt stabber pops into my mind, and then I have to read it over once again. Most authors or aspiring authors have these feelings at one stage or another in their writing life. Even the top authors have moments when they think, 'Is it good enough?'

It's strange. I read and think wow it's not too bad, then I continue and say geez it's a mess. But really I've had some nice reviews of my work, some not so nice, but they are either backstabber's, or other authors that don't like seeing one of their peers getting ahead, especially the one and two star reviews where the reviewer has only reviewed that one novel. Get my drift? Not nice, but hey that's okay, I rarely take notice of them and it will never stop me writing. 

I want to stress that with each novel I always have it edited by a professional editor, and there will be always discrepancies in the difference between Aussie English and American English, our slang, our terms. I think we all know that a ute is a pick up. I can't remember any more off hand, but there are a few. 

Anyhow have a great weekend. I'm off to Lake Macquarie again in the morning. Last week was our writers meeting. I think I'm wearing a track down the Pacific Highway lately. lol..

This picture below is where I spent Thursday and a few days earlier writing. The view was hard to take. lol.. Enjoy your weekend. I'll be enjoying mine. :)