Friday, April 3, 2015

Outback Fever OUT NOW

Happy Easter Everyone. I hope your Easter break is relaxing. 

I'm delighted to bring you my next novel, Outback Fever, Australian Rural Romantic Suspense, available now at Amazon Au and Amazon US.

I thought I'd give readers a glimpse into what inspired me to write this story. Besides having a past full of vivid stories, some real and some not so real, I find photographs a trigger point in either describing scenery or drawing up character sheets. 

A modern day Romeo and Juliet. 
Cassandra Kinkaid

Jake Thornton

And how could I forget Zac. Cassie's Kelpie. Zac goes through
a lot and is a faithful dog. I wish I owned him. lol.
The creek when it's low on the property
Willow Creek Station 

The wool-shed where Zac is tied up. 

Part of the property, Willow Creek Station. This is where the circle of trees are. 

Dipping sheep at Willow Creek Station

Another picture I took a while back situated near Willow Creek Station.  

I thought I had a picture of the house, but I guess that one was purely from my imagination. Or perhaps it was somewhere I once visited or lived, stored in the back of my mind. 

Happy Holidays.