Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Five stars for Outback Fever

My first review for Outback Fever. Yah!

I received an email from another writer alerting me of this review. I was ecstatic when reading it, as  it reinforces the reasons why I write. Thank you to all reviewers who take their valuable time to leave reviews.     
Outback Fever is a story with depth and meaning, suspense and a great romance. I'd give it six stars if I could.

There's something special about the Outback and the way Suzanne's stories come alive, with suspense, mystery, and romance even her descriptions aren't overdone, but just the right amount so I could picture everything and have me in the story with her characters.

I loved her last story, Outback Flames, and I can say this one is even better.

Outback Fever captured my heart and took my tears. I followed Cassandra from the city back to her grandfather's funeral at Willow Creek, towing a two-year old chid. I felt for everything she went through and understood the reasons for what she did. Cassandra only finds out about the feud between her family and her ex-boyfriends family, the Thorntons just before her grandfather's funeral.
It takes a while for Cassandra to be accepted into the community, while she takes over and runs Willow Creek Station, left to her by her grandfather.

Cassie her nickname, conceals hurt from years gone by, and when the love of her past life turns up, it puts a splinter into her plans. Now she has to confront Jake, who has become friends with Matt her brother.

With twists and suspense that kept me turning the pages, I found not only this riveting but also the relationship she has with Jake something very special. There is one twist in the story that I absolutely loved and would have never guessed. I recommend this novel to all readers of Outback Romance, and Outback Romantic suspense.