Monday, November 3, 2014

Out and About

Well, I'm still here. :) I now have nine unpublished completed novels. They're been piling up since early 1993. Or there abouts.

I'm not too sure where they are going, or what will happen to them, as I don't have a crystal ball. But here's hoping and praying.

We have finally secured the handover of our block. The new DA came through today, so it's forward marching. We hope to have the slab up before Christmas then a carpenter will put up the frame early in the New Year.

It's exciting. I've picked out the brick etc We aren't having cement rendered, as this home is going to be as maintenance free as possible. With rendered homes they have to be painted. And unlike the house we recently sold, there isn't going to be any timber outdoor areas either. Timber is such hard work to keep looking like new. No timber floors inside, as they need to be sanded and resurfaced frequently. No timber bench tops. Caesarstone is so durable and easy to care for etc. Yah..... :)

I'm pretty excited. We've designed this house as well, and are having shutters on all windows. I looovee shutters. :) I'll post some pics on FB or here when we have something up and running. I just love the area.

Anyhow here are some photographs I took recently. The water was absolutely beautiful early yesterday morning.

So Serene. 

Look who came to visit us. Cool. Aren't they beautiful?

Wild Flowers. They are amazing.