Sunday, August 24, 2014

Giving up on the dream

A Quitter Never Wins and a Winner Never Quits.  

I've been supporting or trying to support a writer friend who has announced she is giving up on her dream. It's come as a complete shock as her work is beautifully written. She recently received a rejection letter that has tilted her over the edge. This is her tenth rejection letter. 

This same manuscript had great feedback from a publishing house, saying how much potential it had etc. She undertook the changes and resubmitted it only they said she hadn't tackled the problem etc. Her chance was gone with this publisher for that particular manuscript.

Another rejection is saying it is full of back-story, with too much detail upfront and the exposition wasn't that good.

We went for lunch the other day and after some time she said she'll take a break and start a new manuscript. Most writers at some stage of their career think of giving up, including myself, (lol) but I'm still here, pounding out my words with hopeful anticipation.

I went looking at what advice others gave writers when they feel overwhelmed. This is what I found.
  • Have lunch. Stepping away for a time clears the mind. 
  • Call someone. Talk to a writing friend or to anyone who understands.
  • Do something else for a while. Go bungee jumping, lol.
  • Reconsider the goal. Take baby steps.
  • Solve just one problem. Tackle one problem at a time.
  • Look at how far you've come.  Look at your first written manuscript and how your writing has improved. 
  • Look in front of you. Look at what authors started writing when you did. Where are they now? Keep on going; you'll end up there soon.
Writing is a tough business, becoming a published author is a tough business and sticking to your goal is grinding. BUT…. If you love writing, if you love creating characters, and you think there is nothing better you love doing more, keep writing.  If you're almost there don't give up on all those years of hard work. A rejection is one editor's opinion.  Consider what comments each editor makes, and get other  opinions.  Don't give up. :)