Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hitting the Send Button

I just hit the 'send' button a while ago. My heart is tapping just that little bit faster. lol.. It's a Rural Romantic Suspense. Is there such a thing? Well there is now. lol Phew.
I'm still reading over the rest of this novel, and then it's back to another one where I've completed around 30.000 words. 

It's great when you fall in love with your hero isn't it? His name is Jordan, and he is such a sweetie with similar looks as the recently departed Paul Walker. God bless him. 

Jordan is a Jackaroo, and a Carpenter. It's another Romantic suspense, but set in a rural area. So, a Rural Romantic Suspense. Hmm...

Just look at those eyes. There is so much to read. The expressions. Wow. I'm having fun with this one as well. 

I've been pretty engrossed with my writing lately, so now you know where I've been and will be for a while. I try to make an appearance on the sites I've joined at least once or twice a month, but the actual writing has to be my first priority. 

I should get back to it. Time goes so fast. Have fun. Oh and be good. :) lol