Monday, May 5, 2014

Defining Characters

Before you begin to write defining characters will help make them more true to life.  We have all read characters that we don't bond with, characters that did not appeal at all. We need to know what type of person he or she is. 
Are they headstrong, timid or aggressive, an introvert or extrovert? Do they have a passive aggressive personality, or are they independent or lonely?
By creating personality traits for your character, it gives you a much better sense and understanding of why a character is motivated to pursue whatever goals they have chosen.
Don't forget to create back story or their history. How did your characters grow up, and what formed them to be the person they are today? How were they raised, and what significant scenarios influenced their life? 
All this information isn't necessary to be included in your writing, but to know their back-story, the history of any character brings them to life, making them real people on the page, giving readers characters they care about. 
Fill out in-depth character sheets, in this way it is easy to find for reference. Don't forget personality descriptions, again, this is easy to find if you forget what colour eyes a character has. 

I'll make sure I practice what I preach. :)

Have a good week and don't forget smile.