Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just a touch of Paradise

I tried uploading photographs on my computer and it won't work.  Apparently this one does. I must check my settings now. :) I  wanted to share with you some photographs I took over the weekend as it was another perfect few days in paradise. 


After a walk and swim, it was Barramundi by the beach. Yum. It was delicious.

I'm going away for a few weeks on a flight and a road trip. Out to Dubbo, Broken Hill and to the property, and down to Victoria's high country to visit hubbies relations. I expect to be taken on many tours.I'm looking forward to the break, but it is also a research trip. I'll enjoy it.
Hopefully I'll get my blogger to work on my laptop, if not I'll have some snaps of my journey when I return.
Keep safe on our roads this Easter.