Monday, March 31, 2014

A Golden Rule

I hope everyone had a great weekend/or are having a great Sunday. The time difference isn't something I have gotten use to. I'm trying. :)I've finished another manuscript, well, before we moved. I hadn't read this manuscript for some time, and one of the golden rules is:  'let your work sit for a while'. It's amazing what you will find when you give it that final read over after a few months.

This particular manuscript the characters weren't polished enough. So I had an editor look over at what can be improved. As I went over the manuscript, I did pick up some discrepancies as did the editor. I had to make sure the hero and heroines internal logic was motivated, also that they didn't change their opinions to flippantly. So hopefully it's on the right track now.I'm gradually getting through it. So over the next few days, you know what I'll be up to--My final draft of a Romantic Suspense that I absolutely love. I love the hero. He's kind, considerate and mysterious. Oh did I mention such a spunk. lol... It's set on the edge of the Outback, and has some twists along the way. I have my fingers crossed that a publisher will pick this one up. :)

Have a great week. If you want to catch up with me during the week you can find me on Face Book. I pop in there often.Have a good one, and don't forget smile. You know you use more muscles frowning than by smiling. Try it. :)

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