Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Excerpt of 'Cold Fear' release December 1st

Here's an Excerpt of Cold Fear to whet your appetite for another suspense with a touch of romance. Release Date December lst 2013
Cold fear slid down Macy Donovan's spine. Her chest tightened making it almost impossible to breathe.  

Drugged with sleep, she pushed upwards into a sitting position. Darkness filled her bedroom and she reached out to switch on the bedside light before glancing at the clock. It registered four in the morning. 

Had she experienced a nightmare? If so, the trembling of her body indicated the dream had been disturbing.  She wiped droplets of perspiration from her forehead with the back of her hand. A sudden chill skittered over her skin, sank into her bones. She flicked a nervous gaze toward a white lace curtain billowing in a cool breeze.

A peculiar feeling insisted something wasn't right, that something terrible had happened. Her nerves set alight, pricked with disturbing unease, and she tossed the sheet aside before springing from the bed to close the window. For long seconds she watched the curtain pirouette like a ballerina under full moonlight, as she tried to recall leaving the window open. She reached out, gave it one hard tug downward and then secured the lock.    

Macy turned and walked toward her bedroom door. She stilled, waited for her gaze to adjust to the oppressive darkness filling the hallway before making her way toward her daughter's bedroom, only to slam to a sudden stop.

A dark menacing shadow clung to the wall ahead outside Faith's bedroom door. Macy reached out seeking the wall for support as terror like no other grabbed hold of her. Shock immobilised her body. 

The image wavered as it moved closer. Large and frightful. The blood in her veins gushed at full speed, tidal waving to her head.

'You stupid bitch.  It would've been safer for you if you stayed asleep.' The thunderous clap of his voice boomed through the atmosphere.  

Shit. Oh hell no.

Her body vibrated, trembled as if she was experiencing a seismic tremor. She opened her mouth but nothing followed, her words smothered by the closing of her throat.

She sucked back a terrified breath, tried once again. 'What d...?'  Her heartbeat ricocheted off her ribcage at an alarming rate.

Heavy boots sounded over the timber floorboards, echoed throughout the house, and beat in her eardrums, marking out the passing of seconds as he stalked toward her. Her frantic gaze ping ponged the hallway in a panicked search looking for Faith.  

She had to coax him away from Faith's bedroom. She spun around, took one-step but her head jerked backwards in whiplash fashion when he grabbed hold of her dark shoulder length hair. A gurgle shot up her throat, and she struggled in protest, fought back as best as she knew how. Whipping around to face him, she reached out and dug her nails into the flesh of his cheek. 
You can read Chapter One here  


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Gripping excerpt! Hope all goes well with the sales.

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