Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Neighbours from Hell.

Do you know your neighbours, and if so, do you get along? Meaning, do they say hello, or give a friendly wave now and again. I tried to get to know my new neighbours when they moved in a few years ago. I went over and gave them some Christmas cake and pudding as a welcome to the neighbourhood. Since then nothing, not even a wave or a hello.

I have just received a letter from the council saying my music is too loud. Said letter stated these neighbours have complained. That is the newer ones. I almost died. I'm still walking around shaking my head. This has never happened to me at all. Never. I don't consider my music that loud, and it isn't on between the times when it's not supposed to be.

Said letter states that if it isn't turned down they come out and do a decibel check to see if it's over the limit. If so, I get a fine of $200. Wow. I am still shocked.

I feel as though I'm treading on egg shells now, but a fine or not, I won't be paying it due to principal. Although I don't think the music is over the limit.

Of all the times I could have complained about a peeping Tom, about a dog being bashed, but we had to have proof about the dog. There was also a time when foul language could be heard for hours, up to 4am in the morning, we kept quiet. Poor hubby got no sleep that night.

Said letter even stated that the music is being played when we aren't listening to it. How do they know if I'm listening to my music or not? This is a tad bit scary and makes me nervous. Are they watching my every move?  I'm shocked. What are your thoughts? All this on top of trying to recover from major surgery is a little too much at this time.

I want to move, and hopefully soon we can. I don't need people like this around me. People who haven't got the decency to knock on my door, or even leave a letter on my doorstep. (no mailbox. it got stolen) Or even have the decency to wave occasionally.

Have you had a bad neighbour that made your life miserable? Being a writer I naturally spend a bit more time home than usual, especially now. When I'm better from my op,  and when the weather picks up perhaps a cafĂ© would be more suitable, or back to a park or beach to write until we can move.

Okay that's my vent for the week. I'll keep you posted. Thank you.

PS. Perhaps they didn't like my Christmas Cake? lol Ahh, perhaps that's the reason. lol. :)


M.C.V. Egan said...

OH NO! problems with neighbors are the worse. I hope that they move soon and are replaced by nice people.

Cassandra Samuels said...


I got a letter recently about my noisy dogs. My dogs hardly ever bark and as my husband is home during the day or is sleeping during the day due to shift work, if they were barking he would be the first to get annoyed. The other day I was out the back playing with them and a ball. We were having a great time when the neighbour behind came out - told us to F***ing shut up and slammed her door closed. I was shocked. It's like I can't laugh or play with my own animals in my own backyard. Luckily she is a renter and will most likely be gone in 6 months (hopefully). My dogs have been here for 10 years and I'v never had a complaint so I figure it is her problem. I do commiserate however with your circumstances. Not nice when you think they are watching and listening to everything you are doing.

Anonymous said...

This is reprehensible behaviour, it doesn't matter who it's from.

I feel you pain, when we moved into town we had the neighbour from hell, an elderly lady who planted trees like they're facing extinction, the closer to the boundary the better. Never mind that it will block every bit of winter sun from reaching our house. She has moved but her legacy lives on. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Suzanne! I've spoken to my neighbours or left letters in their boxes about barking dogs. When our neighbours in Sydney had loud music on well into the morning, I went over and asked very nicely for them to turn it down as I had a baby. They did so very nicely, and I ended up taking their daughter out with my kids to things. There are ways to handle problems.

Do you think perhaps they've had a terrible experience with another neighbour and they're scared to do a face to face complaint?

Lisa Chaplin

lily malone said...

So sorry to hear all this. Unfortunately, neighbours are like relatives in that you can't choose them... you just have to hope that at best they are lovely (and become friends) and at worse they're at least neutral, even if you don't become people who invite eachother to BBQs.
I hope there are other reasons why you might move, and not just these bad neighbours. That would be a real shame to let this drive you out of a house and home you otherwise love.
Good luck and best wishes
Lily M

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Thanks MC. I hope so to.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Cassandra,
It is a problem isn't it. I feel like I can't do anything in my own home now.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Shirley,
Looks like I'm not the only one that has things like this happen to. I was beginning to think I was. I'm not alone. Phew. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Lisa,
I have no idea. I would do the same if something bothered me, but I've never had any problems with anything until they moved in.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Hi Lily,
There are also other reasons as we have been thinking about for a while. It may come sooner than expected though. Thank you.

Maria Zannini said...

I've had a few inconsiderate neighbors, (loud music, fireworks) but nothing that warranted calling authorities. It's only 2-3 times a year.

We live in the country so I can't even see my neighbors, but we wave when we see any passing car--even those of appliance repairmen.

Hope you can move soon.

C.J. Miller said...

It's too bad these neighbors didn't approach you first and just mention the music was bothering them. Perhaps there's extenuating circumstances, like maybe they sleep during the day and work at night or they suffer from migraines and the smallest noise affects them. I find it's much better (even if it's slightly awkward) to talk to neighbors face to face to resolve small matters like this, rather than get involved in some council dispute. Good luck! Maybe it can be resolved?

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Nothing like exchanging a wave, hey, Maria. I've lived in the country a lot, and the city. Here it is coastal, with mountains behind with a population of about 2.000. Moving sounds like a great option at present.

Suzanne Brandyn said...

They don't work, CJ. Yes, I agree. I also find it much better to come face to face and discuss the issue. Although I've never complained about anyone. As I said it's not that loud. I can speak on the phone while it's on. Oh well, surely it will go away. lol Still, it me feel edgy. I'm thankful others have come forward and mentioned their problems. I'm not alone, and it can happen to anyone. Phew. :)

s e gilchrist said...

When I've had problems with my neighbours I simply knock on the door and speak in a friendly voice pointing out the issue. So far it has worked where I live at the moment. Hasn't always been like this, as at my previous home I had a run in battle with my neighbour. I threatened her with the police as her big german shephard jumped the fence into my yard and attacked my dog. I was very angry but believe I had right on my side. Plus I was so upset my Kelly had been hurt, badly enough I had to take her to the vets and get stitches. Its a shame your neighbours couldnt have either spoken face to face or the letter on the porch. Personally, I'd fight that damm letter if I knew I was in the right. Just my two cents worth. So sorry you have this worry at such a time when you sure dont need any additional problems. Hugs & hope it gets sorted soon & without any blood being spilled :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Your poor little dog SE. That is just not nice, and especially having stitches.

Blood being spilled. Oh my. Hell. lol. I surely hope not.

I intended to take matters further if they continue on with their little scheme, although it does make life just that bit uncomfortable.