Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Upcoming Release...Outback Fear

'It could happen to You!'

My upcoming release, 'Outback Fear,' a Suspense with a touch of romance, release date to be confirmed. 

This story was inspired by the wheat, sheep and cattle property I used to live on on the edge of the Outback in far NSW, although I have based the property where my heroine lives. The red dust country. Around forty minutes drive north from the Sapphire City of NSW, Inverell.

My daughter and myself spent many nights alone on the property. She was in nappies. The dark open spaces, the intensity of the land at night when all is still, when you know you are the only soul around for kilometers yet in the back of your mind you wonder, Is there anyone out there?

As you can imagine, and yes I surely did, what could possibly happen? I had so much fun writing this novel. It seemed so natural for me. So here is the blurb and a few photographs to give you a little insight. Oh and yes there is a hunky Jackaroo who is downright hot. hot. hot.  A true hero. :)

This novel, so I am told is a cross genre of romance and suspense, which went to marketing by a senior editor of an Australian publishing house. The marketing team didn't know where to place it. *sighs* It also went to another Australian Publishing house where the senior editor said my work is terrific yet they weren't in a position to take on another Romantic Suspense author. In Australia it is difficult to sell cross genres especially if they don't meet the vital rules.

Notice my highlights. I consider the genre of this particular manuscript to be a Suspense with a touch of romance. The romance does not run in conjunction with the suspense.


A Suspense with a Touch of Romance.

Savannah Harris is determined to raise her three-month-old daughter in the best possible environment, and flees home to Grace Creek, an inheritance from her recently deceased mother.

But even this peaceful property cannot cocoon her from her abusive husband or a stranger who intends to rip her life apart.

In an atmosphere thick with fear, Savannah realises she cannot keep running, she must fight back or risk losing not only her life, but the only family she has left, her precious daughter. 

This is the property after my heroine has lived there for a while where she has renovated the house and fixed the front fence (you don't see her doing the renovation though as there is too much suspense to get through let alone let the reader know of mundane happenings) When the heroine arrives in the dark of night the gate is hanging by one hinge, the entire property is run down. Below is the fictitious property Grace Creek.

                                     The house before renovations have taken place.

The Driveway to the house.The red dust country.
You can just see the mountains in the distance.

The toothless windmill. When my heroine was small her mother use to tell her, if she ever got lost on the property, find the highest hill and she will see the toothless windmill stretching high into the sky, marking home.

I can't wait until Outback Fear is available for my readers. But I don't want to rush this. I am trying to deliver the best I possibly can. I love it. lol :)

Be on the look out for an absolutely gorgeous cover around March. Well I think it's spectacular.... I hope you do to.

Okay off to write.  Have a great week whatever you are doing. :)


Tarnya said...

Oh Suzanne, this has made my day. I cannot wait. I love the photographs, and the title Outback Fear gripped me at once. As for the hero I love him already. lol.

I've imagined the cover already. I wonder if it will be what I've imagined?

Tarnya. x

S E Gilchrist said...

How exciting, Suz. The concept sounds wonderful as I also can well remember just how really really quiet it is in the outback at night. Love the antidote about the windmill.

Angelina Rain said...

I LOVE romantic suspense. Love it, love it, love it. And if it's more suspense, less romance, that makes it even better! I can't wait to read this!

What publisher did you end up selling it to?

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Thank you. I'm truly looking forward to this. It's exciting. I will finally give readers another read, except this time I think they will be taken on a ride of their life. :)

Anonymous said...

Go, Suzanne! This trying to peg-hole cross-genre stories by big publishers is such a waste of time and I wonder when they'll realise that. Both these publishing houses have lost a great author through lack of foresight. Their loss, your gain - you don't have to share the profits! :)

Hope it sells super well for you. :)

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Thank you Sandy. They seemed to love it. I love it. I just hope readers will. Infact some will love it. But I won't be able to please everyone. It would be great to please at least 90 percent :) lol. Dream dream dream :)