Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Guest blogger _ Annie Seaton

Good Morning. As you know I don't have too many guests posts and when I do it is because these writers have inspired me, or their novels were thoroughly enjoyable. So I'd like to welcome Annie Seaton who fits this description, who is also multi skilled within the publishing industry.

Over to Annie. :) Welcome Annie.

Writing is a lonely occupation. Days sitting at the keyboard with the dreams and pictures in your head being transcribed to words. Hours spent blogging and promoting your brand. Hours spent editing and re-editing and fighting with your internal editor until you press that important send button.
Days, weeks, months waiting to hear back from publishers.
Hours and days to get your edits back to your editor after you are accepted!
Talking to your characters and then surfacing to come back into the real world.
But while it is all great fun... and I love nothing better to see a day stretch ahead of me when I have nothing else planned except writing...I would like to tell you about the social side of writing.

The best things for me?
Being published and sharing my stories is of course number one!’

Holiday Affair,  is my first contemporary romance and has been on the Amazon best seller list for seven months now and it is a dream come true.

Winter of the Passion Flower and Blind Lust are also getting great reviews on their niche genres.

As well, I have made some wonderful online friends all around the world. Writers with common interests and the same problems, writers who worry over characters and plot, grammar and punctuation and the wait to hear back from their publishers and editors! I receive email from Wales, Spain, Texas and England most days and I look forward to talking to my ‘friends’.

A common thread of our conversation... it was all a fluke, I can’t really write. and then you see their books climbing the best seller ranks.

The Facebook and Twitter community. Whilst they are the BIGGEST time suckers and you have to ration yourself—or at least I do—these social networking sites provide solidarity, support and often a laugh in a lonely day.

The authors’ and publishers’ email loops. A great forum to discuss problems and help your writer colleagues promote their books.

Our national associations—Romance Writers Australia and Australian Romance Readers Association are tremendous organisations who provide a wonderful contact point and a plethora of resources for authors.

But best of all? Our face to face writer groups. It is a pleasure being a guest on Suzanne’s blog as we both belong to the wonderful 4PAN writer’s group on the mid north coast.

Let me tell you about the hidden local talent... until I joined RWA last year, I didn’t know these wonderful writers lived close by.

Jenn J. Mcleod whose wonderful debut novel, A House for All Seasons will be out in time for Mother’s Day next year

Bronwyn Parry who writes the most amazing romantic suspense

Karly Lane who writes wonderful rural romance

Kerri Williams great stories...romance, suspense and young adult fiction

Fiona McArthur who has more than twenty five Mills and Boon medical romances available and the wonderful non-fiction Don’t Panic Guide to Birth

Diane Curran who writes collage poetry and is on her journey to publication

Elle Fynllay who has been a wonderful critique partner for me and is also on the road to publication with her medieval history novel

And last not but least, Suzanne Brandyn whose site you are on, who writes riveting romantic suspense.

You can find me at

Twitter: @annieseaton26

Thanks for hosting me Suz, and letting me share my thoughts about writing.

What is the best thing for you as a reader or writer? Come along and leave a comment


Imelda Evans said...

It's true, writing has many rewards by the people are the best! Don't know how we'd get through it without them!

jenn J McLeod said...

Speaking of 4PAN group. It's time to par-tay! (We do do that so well...oh and we write too :)
PS Suz, your CAPTCHA drives me nuts - I think it could be an IQ problem of mine LOL. Sometime I try three times and then give up. Can you make them easier!!!!!!

Sue said...

The excuse to spend time 'dreaming up' plots and characters? Maybe. Scouring the net for images of my next hero? Definitely. How else can I justify to my husband my need to have Daniel Craig emerging from the sea on my wall!

Tarnya said...

As a writer I get to meet many wonderful people. I love the RWAustralia conferences. As a reader I can lose myself in a good book.

I haven't read Holiday Affair, and now it's going to be my next on my tbr pile.

Tarnya. x

S E Gilchrist said...

Writer - the wonderful friends I've made with HRW f2f group.
Reader - I, transported into another world, another life and its relaxing.

Annie Seaton said...

Thanks for popping in! It is great to see the friends we all make through our writing

Suzanne Brandyn said...

Thank you everyone for calling in. Annie is not only a remarkable writer she is also an editor who doesn't mind sharing and helping writers.

Jenn, it must be your CAP...Whatever it is called because no one else has said anything. It's blogger as well so I'll have a look at it as I'm not sure you can change it.

Suz :)